To the editor of THE EAGLE:

As the campaigning winds down and folks start thinking about who to elect for city counselor, I’m very fortunate that my decision is easy. He’s the same bright, energetic and committed man that I voted for two years ago, John Krol. I have had the pleasure of knowing John in different venues over the years but it’s his dedication to his constituents and the city of Pittsfield where he shines the brightest.

Last month, while on his campaign trail, John stopped at my home. I had been discouraged, as several years ago the city removed large trees from our front yard, along with the curb and then resurfaced the road. Those changes all led to water pooling in our yard and draining into our basement. John assured me that he would speak with the city. Within a few days, he returned with Peter Bruneau, manager of the highway department. A couple of days later, a new curb was installed, soil filled in across the bottom of my yard, and the water issue resolved!

As a Ward 6 resident, it is comforting to know that John Krol has our best interests first and foremost as he continues to represent us. We need to be there for John on Election Day as he has been for us. Please join me as I support and vote for incumbent John Krol for Ward 6 city counselor.



John Krol, Ward 6 Councilor - responsive to his consituents

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