To the editor of THE EAGLE: 

I want to urge everyone in Ward 6 to vote for John Krol for Pittsfield City Councilor. John is a positive force working tirelessly to improve our city.

My personal experience with John was very positive. I contacted him and then-City Councilor Mike Ward concerning the state Department of Conservation and Recreation’s landscape designations for the Pittsfield State Forest.

John and Mike took my concerns seriously and actually had the head of the DCR attend a meeting of the City Council, where they grilled him on the DCR’s plans. The council wrote a letter to the DCR, which I’m certain won some concessions to protect our wonderful forest.

John also originated and hosts the “ Good Morning Pittsfield” radio show on WTBR.

His show highlights many very positive and even controversial things happening in Pittsfield and the Berkshires.

Please vote for Krol and help keep his positive energy going!

BRAD HERDER Pittsfield

Letter to the editor

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