In some ways, four years ago seems like yesterday. In other ways, it’s an eternity. 

It is simply invigorating to go out and interact with so many of the same faces at those familiar doorsteps. And yet, the theme of today was change and transition. I’m lucky to be able to learn so much about my constituents simply by knocking on the door and asking them how things are going. I’m especially privileged because they choose to tell me.

We’ve all been through changes over the past four years. Battling through a recession, changes in careers, new experiences and even tragic losses. But, one thing that each and every individual I spoke with today has in common is an optimism for what is ahead. 

That’s what I love the most about heading out for a planned two hours that turns into three, and three and half. It’s energizing.

Sure, I’ll have my little to-do list, like that tree stump on city property that needs to be ground down, and you can look forward to a speed hump proposal for a little street in Ward 6 (another benefit of the door-to-door approach – proactively getting issues addressed) – but, it’s the stories and connections I love the most. 

Thank you to the residents of Ward 6 for letting me hear your stories. I look forward to talking to you soon.

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