John, Allison and Arden KrolWelcome to the Ward 6 blog, where you’ll be able to follow our campaign on a daily basis and interact with me during our journey to election day. 

I’m going to work hard to communicate to all of my constituents in Ward 6 about the long list of accomplishments we’ve achieved together over the past four years, and also my vision to drive positive progress. Make no mistake about it, this is an important election and there are many major issues facing the city. 

I look forward to engaging with community as I have for the better part of a decade of public service and volunteering in this city, and for the past four years as Ward 6 councilor.

As this community has evolved, I have as well. Today, I’m a business owner, and most important, my wife, Allison, and I are now parents. Ten month-old Arden has only offered a greater appreciation for efforts to improve our quality of life, public education system and job opportunities.

So, stay tuned. 

We’re going to engage, communicate and work hard to deliver a positive, progressive message. We’re also going to have a lot of fun along the way. I look forward to talking to you soon!

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  • John Danforth says:

    John Kroll is a great advocate for the residents of Ward 6! He makes the tough choices that sometimes go against the grain because he isn’t a pushover and calls it like it is all the while he maintains a sense of dignity and decorum appropriate in the field of politics.

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