It’s always fun to get back out in the racing flats and feel the pain….the extra push is that you’re doing it for a team, and can’t let them down. Bicyclist (and former Ward 4 Councilor) Mike Ward kicked it off with a nice ride, then former State Rep. Denis Guyer and Josh legend Charlie Zuber took the paddling duties. I wrapped it up with a run that held our place, as we took 3rd in the All-Berkshire category. 

What a fun event with 500 teams, thousands of competitors and spectators with countless traditions for so many. This includes a massive cookout led by my brother in-law Joe Burke and his brothers with plenty of great burgers, sausage, dogs and beer. This year they even had a clam bar. Fancy! 

I’ll give a shout-out to the winning team Allen Heights Veterinary Clinic that features friend, and new Ward 6 resident, Tom Keefe with the paddle. He lives in an awesome neighborhood in our ward with his lovely wife and two-year old son, William – who’s a chip off the old block. Tom’s actually an excellent runner as well. Now, there’s a team packed with talent. Congratulations!

Team Krol for Ward 6 – (From left): Josh legend Charlie Zuber, me, Denis Guyer and Mike Ward.

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