You just never know who you’ll meet and the connections you don’t even know you have when you’re knocking on doors. On a beautiful late summer afternoon, it’s easier to flag people down when they’re enjoying the sunshine outdoors. What I’ve found is that people don’t mind chatting with their city councilor for a few minutes, and if I’m lucky I may get a glass of ice tea out of the deal.

Tonight, I approached a trio who I didn’t get the chance to meet in past campaigns, and I was welcomed like I was family. In fact, after a short discussion we discovered we almost were family. My mother’s maiden name Van Alstyne is a well-known one in Lenox – and in a family with ten children (my mom was the youngest of ten) – there are countless connections. In fact, later on a new resident of Ward 6 (who had just moved into his home in April) told me that he went to school with my mom. This community is so deep-rooted in so many ways. In fact, yesterday one of my long-time supporters asked how my father was doing….I didn’t even realize he knew my Dad. Come to find out, they graduated together from Pittsfield High School – but really hadn’t run into each other more than a handful of times since then. And yet, it’s a connection that endures.

As enjoyable as it was, like the night before, I couldn’t linger too long. I had promised my wife that we would go out for dinner – and with the little man in tow – that means dinnertime is at or around 6. No problem. Pancho’s was the choice tonight for an informal, fun Mexican meal. After Arden finished flirting with the waitress and the portable high chair was packed – it was to the Baby Jogger for a stroll downtown. Plenty to see on the Ward 6 side. A check of the movies, a few stops to chat with friends on a stroll of their own and the latest line in the window at Steven Valenti’s Clothing for Men followed. Arden’s favorite? The huge teddy bear in the window at Persnickety Toys

We sure have a long way to go….but ten years ago it would have been a much less enjoyable walk down North Street. I’m proud to have had a hand in creating what we have today.


He’s his mother’s son – loving Mexican food in downtown Pittsfield.


Arden’s favorite was the huge stuffed animal bear in the window.


Always great to check out what’s in the window at Steven Valenti’s Clothing for Men. Even better to go in and chat with Steven and his staff…and, of course, buy a great suit.


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  • Mary Lou Robinson AKA "The Mayor of Berkshiretown" says:

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at BT with Trisha.
    You have a “secret weapon” there with Arden… no fair!
    Who can resist that beautiful smile.

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