I am disappointed that the West Side Initiative may not be holding a debate for the ward 6 race, like it has in years past. Four years ago, the committee held a debate for the ward 6 and 7 races, and the West Side even held a debate for the sheriff’s position a few years back. Logistical challenges have been cited, and there was some opposition from one committee member who didn’t believe that the initiative should hold a debate. However, most members disagree with that notion – as do I. I hope that the West Side Initiative will be able to find a way to put it together.


This face-to-face format helps voters cut through the talking points and get to the real heart of the issues, and the candidates’ records. I welcome it. This is from mayor’s race in 2009. (photo: courtesy of The Berkshire Eagle)

With that said, blogger/journalist Dan Valenti has offered the opportunity to take a part in a debate that would be held at PCTV. This debate would replicate the format of the face-to-face debate (two chairs, three mics) between Jim Ruberto and Dan Bianchi in 2009 (see photo to the left). I have told Dan that I would love to take part and I’d love to do it tomorrow (i.e., ASAP). 

The people of Ward 6 deserve to hear a real debate on the issues to understand the candidates’ philosophies and, importantly, their records. My opponent and I both have a record as members of the city council. This gives our residents an even better view of how either candidate will serve them for the next two years. I welcome that, and I look forward to debating, right now.

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