It doesn’t happen often, but journalist Dan Valenti, of, today agreed with the Berkshire Eagle on who is best fit to serve Ward 6. See Mr. Valenti’s description below:


The marquee ward race pits incumbent John Krol versus former Ward 7 councilor (and failed mayoral candidate) Joe Nichols. THE PLANET moderated a live debate between these two in which the differences were stark. To sum up with a broad brushstroke, we think Krol represents the more forward-thinking political style. Nichols seems too much a blast from the past. Nichols campaign basically amounted to little more than the assertion that “Krol doesn’t return calls” and not much else. You’d find plenty of Ward 6 residents who would dispute that Krol “doesn’t return calls.” In fact, Krol has been one of the most responsive ward councilors in recent memory. Krol has grown immensely since his first election. He has become more of an independent voice and vote, and he has displayed an open mind when it comes to city issues. As a ward representative, he has been true to the people who elected him. Nichols seems little more than a member of the slate that Bianchi has put together in an attempt to obtain control of the city council. In Ward 6, it’s Krol all the way.



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