Tomatoes and secret gardens in Ward 6.

Tomatoes and secret gardens in Ward 6.

When you go door-to-door, it’s typically you who is doing the handing out of various objects. Literature, invites to a fundraiser (Sept. 12th from 5-7 at the Polish Community Club, by the way), fliers and the rest. Tonight the tables were turned, and I became the recipient of stuff much better than colorful, glossy paper. I’m certainly no green thumb. But, it sure seems to me that this is a great time of year for tomatoes. The big red tomato that one constituent handed over to me was just one part of the garden that was yielding a whole lot more, including freshly picked string beans and more. Cherry tomatoes were the order of the evening for a constituent family just a couple doors down. Not just a handful, but a nice bagful. 

Yes, people are gardening, and you may be surprised to see the incredible worlds that are hidden from view in various backyards. In fact, I got a sneak peek at one secret garden that seemed to twist and turn and go on and on. I’d tell you where it is, but then, it really wouldn’t be a secret. Full of unique sculptures, small ponds, beautiful landscaping and, of course, the colorful array of vegetables – the twisting path seems never-ending. A few doors down, a garden that was recently featured in the Pittsfield Garden Tour included its own stream with mini-bridges over it, frogs, fish – the works.

Thank you for the tomatoes and the tours!


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