Walk a Mile in Her Shoes was a great success again this year, as the effort to raise dollars for the Elizabeth Freeman Center drew more and more men walking down North Street with flashy heels and open-toed footwear. The nation-wide effort doubles as a message to deliver the message to stop sexual assault, rape, and gender violence.

As I type my toes are still a little numb from the experience. My shoes weren’t the flashiest. Simple black. Medium heel. I have a new found respect for what women have to go through, even with the most modest height heels. 

Most important, undoubtedly thousands were raised for the Elizabeth Freeman Center, which surely saves lives and raises aspirations each and every day. With quality people like Nakeida Bethel-Smith, executive director Janis Broderick and board member Susan Gordon, among so many others, it’s a critical service for our community. Thank you, ladies, for all that you do.

courtesy Barbara Schmick (Berkshire Visions Photography)

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