A "Nice New Road" also looks like a huge black chalkboard for the kids. Enjoy!

A “Nice New Road” also looks like a huge black chalkboard for the kids. Enjoy!

Even when the final coat of smooth asphalt is rolled out, it’s always good to check-in to make sure the job was done right. After a few days, some rain and some more settling, you get a sense of how it’s all working. Curbs are strategically placed to keep water flowing down the street, and strategically missing on the edge of properties with a significant slope down toward the road. 

It’s really exciting for the kids. From serving as a canvas for colorful chalk drawings on brand new blacktop to providing a smooth new surface for rollerblading, improving the infrastructure in our neighborhoods enhance the quality of life and property values. 

Today, I knocked on doors in a neighborhood that was a part of this year’s construction list. In years past, ward councilors helped prioritize the streets that would be done each year. I am pleased that we have had more than our fair share of road reconstruction and overlay projects over the past four years, with more than two dozen streets, roads, portions of roads and intersections refurbished in that time.

This particular neighborhood was placed on the list a few years back, and although I would have loved to have had it done a construction season or two ago, all’s well that ends well. There is still a kink or two to work out, a driveway apron that needs a readjustment, little things that are big to each individual property. But, on the whole, the residents are thrilled. It’s our tax dollars at work.


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